ICHI the cold-chain equipment co., LTD. Is from wuxi stone group general lifting transportation machinery co., LTD., and Japan's first set industrial co., a joint venture of advanced refrigeration equipment research and development, production and sales enterprise, committed to the development and production of the world's leading technology advanced reefer containers and other cold chain logistics equipment, cold chain at home and abroad to meet the rapid development of the supply chain.
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Our scale
With good reputation, quality products and perfect service, the group's business continues to expand. In addition to the steady development of the domestic market, we are also constantly exploring overseas markets. At present, our products are sold in Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Korea, Japan, Africa and many other places, we have after-sales service points in Germany and France.
Core technology
During the G20 Summit on June 9, 2019, the Demonstration project of Advanced Refrigeration technology in the Kingdom of Morocco, which adopted MARS Company's KURABAN refrigeration technology, was selected as a "Demonstration project to achieve high value-added seafood diffusion through the introduction of advanced refrigeration technology".
Description of KURABAN refrigeration technology published by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization
- 3 ° not freeze
Through the special N-TEFE system, a micro-current and high-voltage electrostatic field is created inside the equipment to maintain the activity of water molecules inside the food, and the water will not freeze at -2°C, so that the food can be better preserved.
Maintain the activity of food cells and retain the original taste and taste of food to the maximum extent. At the same time, it can also be used in frozen thawing process to prevent cell SAP loss, improve the taste and reduce the loss rate.
Inhibit the growth rate of bacteria, keeping fresh for 3 ~ 10 times longer than traditional technology, higher food safety level.
For different food materials, the temperature control conditions are unified, and different kinds of food materials can be applied in the same transportation and storage platform.
Under the action of high voltage electric field, ozone is produced in the box, which can inhibit plant respiration and effectively sterilize and detoxify.
Experiments show that the inactivation rate of ozone on novel coronavirus can be as high as 99.99%. The ozone atmosphere in the Kuraban cold storage is effective in killing novel coronavirus.
After the refrigeration equipment is opened, ozone rapidly diffuses in a concentration that is not harmful to the human body and the environment.
Ozone disinfection
Using photocatalyst and high voltage electric field environment to produce ozone, can kill bacteria and viruses, inhibit corruption. The research team with nara Prefectural Medical University as the center carried out the novel Coronavirus virus disinfection experiment with ozone, which proved that ozone can kill novel Coronavirus, and also confirmed the relationship between the two conditions of ozone concentration and exposure time on virus elimination through the experiment.
More Technical Features
Let ICHI become the synonym of cold fresh
Make time more friendly to us
High quality thawing
Lock in nutrients
Uniform thawing reduces loss
Low bacterial contamination thawing
High quality meat cooked
KURABAN ripening technique
Greatly reduce the loss of effective bacteriostasis
Reduce costs and maintain flavor
Cryogenic ice making technology
-1℃ not easy to melt
1% Ice salinity retain moisture in muscle fibers
increase seafood storage and transportation capacity