Create an ambient temperature of 0℃ to -18℃, and the stored drink will not freeze. Pour it out instantly, and a cold drink will be born.
ICHI Snowman Beverage special "super-cooled" refrigerator creates unprecedented added value for you
ICHI Snowman uses the principle of "supercooling" to keep the internal frozen beverage unfrozen. After taking out the liquid beverage, apply a certain amount of impact, and the liquid immediately starts to freeze. Drinks can also be solidified by adding ice fragments or chilled fruit.
* "supercooling" refers to the phenomenon that a liquid does not freeze even below the freezing point (freezing point) and remains liquid.
ICHI SnowmanCan be used to refrigerate all kinds of drinks, fruit juice, carbonated, coffee, alcoholic drinks; Plastic bottles, cartons, glass bottles and other containers can be used to store beverages; Room-temperature drinks don't need ice, and ICHI Snowman can be used to make an iced drink before drinking it.
ICHI Snowman Ice drinks for restaurants, bars, parties and other occasions to bring a different surprise, for your products to enhance the value of customers to provide unprecedented moving.